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Welcome to Ashland Christian Church!

Service Times
Worship Celebration - 10 AM
Cultivation Classes (All Ages) - 11:15 AM 
Cultivation Classes (All Ages) - 6:30 PM 

You - Yes, YOU - Are Invited to Ashland Christian Church!

It doesn't matter whether it's your first time in a church or if you're lifelong Christian; whether you have questions about God or know what you believe; whether your life is a wreck or if you have everything figured out. No matter who you are or what you've done or where you're at in your faith right now, we want to see you at Ashland Christian Church! Absolutely everyone is ALWAYS welcome - and everyone includes YOU!

What Can A First Time Visitor to Ashland Christian Church Expect?

  A smile because we're glad to see you! 

A relaxed atmosphere - dress the way you want to dress and come just as you are!

A passionate worship band playing new and old songs alike!

 (even if it they're not always played perfectly)

A chance to take part in the Lord's Supper!

(whether or not you're a 'member' at ACC)

A relevant, timely message from God's word!

(even if it's not exactly what you've seen in other churches)

A chance to meet new people who are imperfect, genuine, and honest in their faith!

What Kind of Church is This?

Ashland Christian Church is an independent, self-sufficient congregation of simple Christians. We don't claim to have all the answers to all of life's problems, and nor do we believe that we're the only Christians in the world. Simply put, we place our faith in Jesus, and Jesus only.

We live by the motto, 'Connect.Call.Cultivate.' It is the summation of Jesus' final instructions to His disciples before His post-resurrection ascension into heaven. We simply want to meet new people, share the gospel, and grow up in our faith. That's all.

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